Below you will find a brief description of each of our classes. Please feel free to call FWO if you have any questions. You will find the class schedule for FWO below as well. Please call FWO directly if you have any questions about our classes or the schedule. Use the direct link if you want to bookmark out calendar for faster reference.


A traditional multi-impact aerobic class that provides a cardiovascular challenge and burns calories. Each class ends with abdominal work and stretching.


A high-intensity cardiovascular workout using a combination of boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and dance moves. Each class ends with abdominal work and stretching.

Line Dancing+-

A total body workout using fun and energetic dance moves that is suitable for all fitness levels wanting a cardiovascular challenge, with minimal stress on joints and connective tissue using basic choreography. Each class concludes with abdominal work and stretching.


A class that emphasizes techniques that focus on trunk stability, posture, strength and breathing.


A workout designed to strengthen, shape and define all muscle groups using a barbell with weighted plates, free weights, and resistance bands. Abdominal work and stretching at the end.


A motivating high-energy cardiovascular workout with creative choreography using “The Step.” * This may include double step, quad step, or step/box combinations. Each class ends with abdominal work and stretching. Available in Level l for Beginners and Level ll for advanced.


An enjoyable class for people at all fitness levels that will increase strength, balance, and flexibility while learning relaxing techniques.

Young at Heart for Seniors+-

A low impact cardiovascular class that strengthens your heart, increases energy, improves muscle strength& flexibility and keeps you moving! Chair modifications are available to those who need it.